last updated March 1, 2021

Anything is better than nothing

by Rob Arthur

Sometimes we put so much pressure on ourselves.

Like we have to do things perfectly.

Make grand efforts.

Go all in.

Either that, or do nothing at all.

When we’re not feeling up to a full workout.

When we aren’t able to prepare the exact meal we’d like.

When we just don’t have the drive we usually do.

We’re tempted to say “screw it” and just not try at all.

This mentality isn’t only a threat to those efforts we’re already making.

It can keep us from getting started at all.

When we’re not sure of our plan.

When we’re not sure if we’re going to succeed.

When we don’t quite know what to do.

We’re not confident that we’ll be able to do things right.

So, we do nothing.

“Nothing” is not the only option.

We can always choose to do “something”.

Even if that “something” is imperfect.

Even if it’s less than normal.

Even if it isn’t successful.

That something – anything – will take us infinitely further than “nothing”.

Don’t choose “nothing”.

Do what you can to move forward.

Do anything.

Whether you’re just getting started and feeling that resistance.

Or you’re in the grind and you’re losing your drive.

Take one step.

Put in one minute of work.

Whatever you have to do to build or keep forward momentum.

Anything is better than nothing.

Where are you losing steam?

Where have you been putting off?

What one small thing can you do today to move forward?

You are worthy of the best life.

One small step at a time.

You’ve got this.


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