last updated March 1, 2021

Ask yourself “why not?”

by Rob Arthur


That force keeping you from doing what you need – and often want – to do.

When you know exactly what steps to take next to progress.

But you just can’t bring yourself to take them.

Or you feel as though all you can do is go through the motions and even that takes every ounce of effort.

Times like these, it’s easy to just quit.

Or complain.

Or be miserable.

Or freeze.

These aren’t our only options.

Explore the root cause of your resistance.

What is it about the task at hand that makes it so difficult to tackle?

Maybe it’s as simple as putting off facing a challenge.

Maybe you’re frustrated that you aren’t progressing.

Maybe you just don’t enjoy what you’re doing.

Each of these issues requires a different approach.

None of them can be addressed, however, without first being identified.

The next time you don’t want to train.

Or prep the meal.

Or do whatever “the thing” may be.

Ask yourself “why not?”

Without judgment.

The answer is what it is.

Acknowledging it is the first step in determining how to get past it to move toward your goals.

Cultivating this awareness is not an easy process.

It will take time and effort.

You won’t always be able to identify the root of your resistance.

You’ll misread your thoughts and emotions.

They’ll lead you astray at times.

That’s okay.

Keep working on it.

You’re worth the effort.

You’ve got this.


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