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The Fourth (arguably most important) Question to Ask Yourself When Setting Fitness Goals

by Rob Arthur

Do you find yourself setting goals, getting off to a strong start pursuing them, but eventually losing motivation?

It might be that you haven’t asked yourself this critical question about the goals you set.

Here’s a lil’ transcription action in case you don’t like video:


You value your body, you want to stay healthy, and you want to stay fit.

You watch what you eat, for the most part, and you stay pretty physically active, but sometimes you’re just not consistent.

You go off the rails a tad or you struggle to find motivation.

In my last video, we chatted about goal-setting; more specifically, the first part of a system called the “GPS” system, that I stole from a dude named Olaniyi Sobomehin.

He’s got a podcast called “I’m Not You”; [you] might give it a listen.

Anyhow, the first part of that system that we discussed was the “G”, [which stands for] “Goal”, where we spoke of three questions to consider when identifying our goals…

…and that’s [the three questions] not a part of Niyi’s system; that’s just something that I like to do.

Those three questions are:

“How do I want to look?”

“How do I want to feel?”

– and –

“How do I want to perform?”

So after we’ve identified what goals or goal we want to see come from our eating and training habits, after we’ve identified those goals, and clearly determined what we’re looking to have happen from our habits, the next part [of the system] is “Purpose”.

Now this is a little bit of more of a “soft” exercise than the “G”, the goal-setting.

“Purpose” is where we ask ourselves:

“What exactly do those goals mean to us?”

“Why do those goals matter?”

So let’s say if we’ve set out to bench press our body weight, ask yourself:

“Well…why do I wanna do that?”

– I don’t even know if I covered up the microphone when I did that, but –


“Why do I want to bench that amount of weight?”

– or –

If you set out to look a certain way, say,

“Oh I’d like to build five pounds of muscle.”


Why do you want to build those five pounds of muscle?

What does that mean to you?

“Well, I wanna look good.”

Oh, okay.

Well, why do you wanna look good?

“Well, so that I feel confident.”

Well, why do you wanna feel confident?

“Well, maybe cause I’ll go talk to girls.”

– a laughable notion in my case –

Anyhow, the idea here is to keep asking yourself, “why?”, until you get to a deep reason for why you want to achieve these goals.

Now, that’s not to say the goals in themselves aren’t worthy of your efforts.

That’s not what I’m saying at all.

Because often, chasing more vain goals, like, “I wanna look good” or, “I just wanna get strong as hell”, that’s fun!

not denying that, but in order to have a sense of a deeper reason for sticking to our habits when just “being strong” isn’t enough, you know, or when you just “wanna look good”, often, unless we identify the deeper reasons behind those goals, it’s a little bit more difficult to stick to our habits.

So once you can ask yourself:

“What’s the purpose?”

“What do these goals meant to me?”

We’ll often come down to a feeling.

We will often end up identifying a way that we want to feel, and feelings, especially strong feelings, when we desire to feel a certain way, after identifying that feeling, or a feeling that we are missing in our life now, when we set out to practice certain eating habits or prioritize our physical activity, having those feelings in mind can sometimes help us to stay motivated much more than just chasing after a number, be that number a number on the scale or a number of pounds on the bar.

Keeping in mind a deeper emotion, a deep visceral emotion that will drive you forward.

Something dependent solely on you, not on anybody else.

Having that deep emotion in mind can really go a long way in terms of helping us stay on track.

Now, something to consider also, which we’ll talk about later, is, while you’re considering these emotions tied to your goals, how can you cultivate those emotions separate from your fitness habits?

That is, if you’re looking to feel confident, so that you’ll do certain activities, what’s holding you back from doing those activities now?

Because I’ll tell you, coming from experience, there have been times when I thought that looking a certain way or reaching a certain performance goal would somehow make me live my life differently.

Like, “Oh, I’ll go do that when I [fill in the blank].”

It doesn’t work out that way.

Don’t let not having your goals yet, don’t let… don’t put life off as a condition of hitting your fitness goals.

Something to consider.

Anyhow, that’s what I got for “Purpose”;

Next we’ll talk about “Strategy”.

If you have any questions, hit me up.


Have a grand day!






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