last updated March 1, 2021

Is it boredom we avoid?

by Rob Arthur

Doing nothing at all is becoming a rarity.

We work.

We socialize.

We commit.

When none of these are on the schedule, we often scroll.

Even before scrolling, we had reading, watching, and listening.

Constantly filling our time.

For education.

For entertainment.

For distraction.

For escape.

Some say that we’re doing is avoiding boredom.

That doing so is problematic.

Yet, boredom and doing nothing are not one in the same.

Boredom is often simply wanting to do something else.

One needs not be unoccupied to be bored, after all.

So, what is it about doing “nothing” that we find so unappealing?

Is it “boredom” we avoid?

Or is it being alone?

With nothing but our thoughts and emotions?

Nothing but the discomfort of getting to know and love somebody new?

That “somebody” being ourselves?

When was the last time you stopped to simply “be”?

The last time you let yourself just think and feel?

Explored why you think and feel as you do?

Considered if who you are is who you want to be?

Who are you?

Who do you want to be?

Are these the uncomfortable questions you’ve been avoiding?

You might find doing nothing to be anything but boring.

It might be quite challenging.

It might be terrifying.

It might be exciting.

It might be painful.

It might be lonely.

Yet, from there, you can grow.

Eventually, you might find it quite satisfying.

To start where you are, know where you are.

To do what you can, know what you can.

You’ve got this.


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