last updated March 1, 2021

It’s your worldview

by Rob Arthur

We’ve all got different worldviews.

The assumptions we make about how things work.

Other people.




We all have our ideas of what roles such factors play in our lives.

These ideas affect how we interact with the world.

What we think.

What we feel.

What we say.

What we do.

Who we trust.

The risks we take.

The opportunities we pursue.

Every aspect of how we live.

Dictated by our worldview.

Often, this can hold us back from living our best life.

When we don’t take the risk.

When we don’t pursue the opportunity.

When we don’t trust, love, or live fully.

Due to a faulty worldview.

One built on fear, cynicism, and disappointment.

Sometimes, for valid reasons.

Often, due to deep wounds or misunderstandings.

Just as you are not without flaw, neither is your worldview.

It may be based on real experiences, desires, and fears.

But also your biases.



It’s your worldview.

Yours to accept or reject.

To reexamine.

To change.

In what ways might yours be holding you back?

Keeping you from your best life?

What unreasonable assumptions might you be making?

What perspectives might not be serving you?

What can you do about it?

You are worthy of a most excellent life.

That might necessitate adjusting your worldview.

It’s yours to adjust.

You’ve got this.


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