last updated March 1, 2021

Kindness is the ultimate strength

by Rob Arthur

It can seem at times as though kindness is losing popularity.

We see selfishness in the news.

Hear about those who harm others.

Story after story of violence and exploitation.

It’s not often that we hear about people helping others.

People choosing to take the high road.

The cynic in each of us wants to question it when we see it.

We’re discouraged from showing it.

Fearing that it won’t be shown in return.

Fearing that we’ll be seen as soft.

Seen as naïve.

Weak, even.

Yet, there’s nothing stronger than kindness.

There’s nothing stronger than standing for what is right.

Than being firm in your innate goodness.

Acknowledging that we’re all struggling.

Doing what you can to ease that struggle just a little bit.

Even if it goes unnoticed.

That takes strength.

Be strong.

Be strong enough to give your time and energy with nothing expected in return.

Be strong enough to spread love when all you see is pain and fear.

Be strong enough to show respect when none is shown to you.

Be strong enough to be kind.

Kindness is the ultimate strength.

It shows that you are confident.

That you are secure.

You know and love who you are.

Not needing to put others down to make yourself feel good.

Or to defend yourself with any façade.

It doesn’t require anything from anybody but yourself.

You are the source of your kindness.

A source that never depletes.

It never runs empty.

Never dries up.

It’s the light that never stops shining.

A light that is so desperately needed.

You can be that light.

You’ve got this.


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