last updated March 1, 2021

Nobody can live your life better than you

by Rob Arthur

We can fall into patterns of living through others.

We might do this from afar.

Reality television.

Social media.


We might do this in real life.

Imposing our dreams, goals, and expectations on those around us.

Our friends.

Our families.

Our acquaintances.

Living through them.

We may even find ourselves the subject of others’ desires to live through us.

Allowing our friends, families, and acquaintances to dictate what we do.

What we say.

Even what we think or feel.

We often fall into such patterns out of fear.

Fear of letting others down.

Of disappointing them.

We want their approval.

Their validation.

We might do so out of fear of failure.

Of embarrassment.


There’s a certain safety in such patterns.

Yet, there’s also a tremendous downside.

We sacrifice our only true freedom.

The freedom to be present.

To live our own life.

In our body.

With our mind.

Our thoughts.

Our emotions.

Wasting our most precious gift.

Letting our life pass us by.

Not living it for ourselves.

Only recognizing our mistake once it’s too late.

With decades behind us.

Lived for others.

Through others.

Never ourselves.

We all deserve better than this.

You deserve better than this.

Are you actually living your own life?

Based on what’s in front of you?

Feeling what you’re feeling?

Thinking what you’re thinking?

Doing what you’re doing?

With presence and intentionality?

Soaking up your own senses?

The flavors, smells, and physical sensations of what’s around you?

Nobody can live your life better than you.

Are you living through others?

Are you letting others live through you?

What can you do to break the pattern?

To start living your own life?

On your terms?

According to your truth?

You are worthy of that kind of life.

Only you can live it.

Take responsibility.

Take ownership.

Take the risk.

It will be worth it.

You are worth it.

You’ve got this.


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