last updated March 1, 2021

One for five is better than zero for zero

by Rob Arthur

Fear so often keeps us from acting.

Fear of failure.

Fear of embarrassment.

Fear of disappointment.

We’ve set a goal.

We’ve got a dream.

We’ve built a vision.

We know what we want.

But we don’t know if we can make it happen.

We don’t know how to make it happen.

We’re worried about giving it a shot and failing.

So we just don’t do anything.

Because we’re afraid of failure.

Yet, if we never try, we’re guaranteed not to succeed.

If we do try, at least we’ve got a chance.

Sure, we might fail.

We probably will, quite often.

That’s life.

Failure is inevitable.

We might now always know when we’re going to fail.

But we will fail.

You will encounter failure often.

Failure is unavoidable.

As are mistakes.

As is adversity.

Those who succeed are those who keep trying.

Who don’t stop showing up.

Who keep putting in the work.

Who persist in spite of failure.

One for five is better than zero for zero.

You won’t always reach the goal.

You won’t always hit the target.

You won’t always do what you set out to do.

But you can always try.

You can always learn.

You can always grow.

You can’t guarantee the outcome.

You can guarantee the effort.

Often, the effort alone is worth it.

You’ve got this.


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