last updated March 1, 2021

Picking and choosing parts of a plan is like picking and choosing ingredients in a recipe

by Rob Arthur

Some of us hate having plans.

We’d prefer to wing it.

We like playing things by ear.

We appreciate flexibility.

Others of us love having plans.

We like to know exactly what to expect.

We’re comforted by that little bit of predictability.

We enjoy following predetermined steps.

Either approach can work when working toward a goal.

Improving your fitness.

Pursuing a new career.

Developing your relationships.

You might prefer figuring things out on your own.

You might prefer following directions.

What often doesn’t work, though, is the middle ground.

Choosing a plan, but then not implementing it fully.

Taking a little bit of this.

A little bit of that.

Putting together a patchwork approach.

Sure, this may work for some of us.

Many of us, though, struggle.

We end up with neither the enhanced progress of having a plan nor the excitement and challenge of going without one.

We end up in a no man’s land.

Without results.

Without enjoying the process.

Spinning our wheels and getting nothing out of it.

If you want to go without a plan, that’s totally cool.

That might be how you prefer to roll.

If, however, you’re going to follow a plan, consider following the plan.

Picking and choosing parts of a plan is like picking and choosing ingredients in a recipe.

Unless you really know what you’re doing, you’re likely not going to see the outcome you’re working toward.

Sure, you might learn.

You might enjoy figuring things out.

You might find satisfaction in the challenge.

If the outcome is your primary goal, though, follow the plan.

From there, you can start tinkering.

You can start winging things.

Figuring other approaches out.

There will always be more to learn.

More to accomplish.

You’ve got this.


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