last updated March 1, 2021

Sometimes quitting is exactly what you need to do

by Rob Arthur

Let’s talk about quitting.

There is such a stigma about quitting.

Being called a “quitter” can cut deep.

Nobody wants to be known as someone who doesn’t finish what they start.

Or who gives up when things get tough.

The problem is that sometimes this aversion to quitting holds us back from looking and feeling our best.

Our fear of feeling like a quitter keeps us stuck in patterns that aren’t serving us.

It keeps us pursuing strategies that aren’t moving us toward our goals.

We dig in and do the diet harder.

We think we need to stick with our training program just a little bit longer.

We need to just try harder.

But we certainly shouldn’t quit.



Sometimes, quitting is exactly what you need to do.

It can open the space necessary to find what will work.

Not getting leaner?

Not get stronger?

Not getting healthier?


Try something different.

Quitting an ineffective strategy is not the same as quitting on yourself.

This doesn’t make you “a quitter”.

This makes smart enough not to keep doing something that isn’t working for you.

If you keep putting yourself first.

If you keep doing the work to create your best life.

You’re on track.

You will try things that don’t work.

You will put in effort that doesn’t yield results.

That’s not a reflection of you or your worth.

It’s simply a reflection of how challenging getting lean, strong, and healthy can be.

Keep showing up.

Keep doing this for you.

Keep trying new things when what you’re doing isn’t working.

You are worthy.

You’ve got this.


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