I’ve lost 15 pounds in the few months we have been working together and I know that if I continue to work with Rob on fine tuning my meal choices and lifestyle, that I’ll continue to feel better and better.” – James (Austin, TX)

“After working with Rob my biggest changes and differences are my knowledge of my eating habits and what I choose to eat each day.  Through Rob’s coaching I was able to adjust what I was eating, how much I was eating and knowing when my body needed to be refueled again…I am no longer hungry or eating but not getting satisfied and my exhaustion in the afternoon is gone.” – Paige (Radford, VA)

“Rob’s provided me the confidence and the tools to live a healthier lifestyle.  The best part about working with Rob – Rob’s a real personable guy and he cares about you deeply and he will stay there to keep you motivated.” – Matt (Atlanta, GA)

“Rob’s enthusiasm and passion for his work is second to none. He works tirelessly for his clients and gave me his undivided attention in my quest to meet my goals.  I strongly recommend working with Rob to improve your eating habits and overall fitness level. ” – Joey (Blacksburg, VA)

Rob has a positive energy and cares about his clients. He constantly checked in with me and answered any questions that I had.  Rob also provides great research about many trends regarding health and nutrition.” – Karen (Radford, VA)

Rob is very encouraging and works hard to help clients meet their personal goals. He goes the extra mile sending articles and positive health messages to encourage healthy living.” – Christy (Christiansburg, VA)

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