last updated March 1, 2021

The task doesn’t change, you do.

by Rob Arthur

We go to the gym.

We train.

We adapt.

What we couldn’t do yesterday, we can do today.

What we can’t do today, we’ll attempt again tomorrow.

Some days we nail our lifts.

Some days we don’t.

If we keep showing up.

If we keep assessing and adjusting.

We eventually become capable of doing what we once couldn’t.

But we don’t get stronger if we don’t push our boundaries.

What seems hard now will eventually come with ease.

The task doesn’t change.

You do.

You become stronger.

More capable.


But only if you keep showing up.

Putting in the work.


Your potential knows no end.

Difficulty is simply how it’s called forth.

You don’t become stronger without being challenged.

You don’t become more capable without failing and trying again.

You don’t grow into the person you want to be without having a reason to do so.

When things get tough.

When you feel frustrated.

When you want to quit.

Remember that you don’t change without a reason to do so.

The struggle you’re experiencing is that reason.

You might not be able to handle it now.

But that’s the point.

You will soon.

You’ve got this.


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