last updated March 1, 2021

What’s the difference between discipline and rigidity?

by Rob Arthur

How consistent is too consistent?

On one hand, there’s “discipline”, often seen as virtuous.

On the other hand, there’s “rigidity”, often seen as undesirable.

How do we determine whether we’re being “disciplined” or “rigid”?

After all, the two often manifest identically.

Consistent, repetitive, action.

How does one distinguish between the two?

What’s the difference between discipline and rigidity?

Discipline is the deliberate commitment to the pursuit of a worthy goal.

Rigidity is the inability or unwillingness to change, often rooted in fear.

Discipline promotes growth.

Rigidity inhibits growth.

In what ways might you be mistaking one for the other?

Might an aversion to rigidity be keeping you from the fruits of discipline?

Might the illusion of discipline be keeping you in a pattern of rigidity?

The pursuit of a most excellent life calls for discipline.

Living like you love yourself, day in and day out.

Not perfectly, but consistently.

Yet such a life also calls for growth.

For adaptation.


Balancing the two isn’t easy.

It takes work.

It takes reflection.




You are worthy of a most excellent life.

You’ve got this.


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