last updated March 1, 2021

Winners quit all the time

by Rob Arthur

Have you ever heard the phrase, “winners never quit”?

The idea is that if you’re going to succeed, you never give up.

That quitting is for losers.

That we must never quit.

Whatever the cost.

What if this saying is overly simplistic?

What if the stigma against quitting is doing more harm than good?

Is it possible that we might be so committed to one effort that we’re blind to other efforts that might be more fruitful?

That we might be committed to so many endeavors that we’re spread too thin?

So tied to an idea or behavior that we’re holding ourselves back?

What if success comes from knowing when to throw in the towel?

From knowing when to say “that’s enough”?

Knowing when to pivot?

Identifying the patterns and behaviors that aren’t moving us forward?

What if quitting is a critical step to winning?

Winners quit all the time.

They quit habits that don’t serve them.

They quit beating themselves up over their mistakes.

They quit letting what others do or think dictate how they live their lives.

What if quitting is exactly why they’re winners?

What do you need to quit?

You are worthy of a most excellent life.

That might mean quitting.

Freeing yourself.

Letting go.

It might not be easy.

It might take multiple tries.

It might require much time and effort.

It will be worth it.

You are worth it.

You are worthy.

You’ve got this.


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