last updated March 1, 2021

Wrong decisions provide the experience for right decisions

by Rob Arthur

We don’t always make the best decisions.

We do things that don’t pan out very well.

We say something hurtful.

We make investments that go south.

We pursue opportunities that result in dead ends.

Sometimes, this isn’t our fault.

Circumstances out of our control affected our outcomes.

Other times, this is totally our fault.

We knew we were doing something stupid.

We knew we weren’t doing due diligence.

We knew we were taking a shortcut.

Regardless of fault, it’s on us to determine how to move forward.

We can learn.

We can grow.

We can take whatever lessons we can from the wrong decisions we’ve made.

We can then apply what we’ve learned in the future.

We’ll still make wrong decisions.

We’ll still screw up.

Hopefully, though, those screw ups will become fewer and further between.

Less consequential.

We’ll make better decisions.

Those wrong decisions are a key part of this process.

A key part of shaping the person you become.

Wrong decisions provide the experience for right decisions.

Why view those wrong decisions with anything but appreciation?

Did you not learn and grow through their lessons?

Let yourself make mistakes.

Let yourself lose.

Let yourself fail.

Then push yourself to improve.

You are worthy of the best life.

That will take effort.

Trying new things.

Taking risks.

It won’t always go as planned.

That’s okay.

Keep doing the work.

Keep showing up.

You’ve got this.


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