last updated March 3, 2021

You always have a body you can love

by Rob Arthur

You’ll always have fat to lose.

You’ll always have muscle to gain.

You’ll always have illnesses, injuries, and other imperfections.

You choose whether these keep you from loving your body.

You can never have a perfect body.

You always have a body you can love.

That love may mean making some changes.

It may mean losing some fat.

It may mean gaining some muscle.

It may mean taking steps to be physically healthier.

Take these steps from a place of love.

Physical fitness is a gift, not a punishment.

Give yourself that gift.

Give your body that gift.

Give it what it needs and deserves.

Nourishing foods.

Physical activity.

Rest and recovery.

Sunlight and fresh air.

Hugs and the sound of laughter.

Kind thoughts and words.

It is worthy of those gifts.

Right now, as it is.

Your body is your most precious asset.

Through which you experience the world.

Fulfill your life’s purpose.

Shine your unique light.

Love it and support it in those efforts.

You’ve got this.


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