last updated March 1, 2021

You deserve only what you earn

by Rob Arthur

We don’t always get what we want in life.

We don’t get the job.

We don’t get the wealth.

We don’t get the girl or guy.

There’s something we want that we don’t get.

That we don’t have.

We see others whose circumstances are so much better than our own.

We wish our lives were the same.

Or at least closer to that.

We might even have feelings of envy.

As though we’re subject to an injustice.

That might even be the case, in some instances.

Yet, hoping and wishing and envy don’t solve the problem.

Ruminating over how we wish our life were different.

Stewing over the ways we wish things would change.

These feelings are valid.

Yet, these feelings alone don’t facilitate change.

Only action can do that.

You might feel like you deserve better.

Like your life should be different.

Like you’re entitled to more.

And you’re worthy of it all.

But there’s one way to make it happen.

Make it happen yourself.

You deserve only what you earn.

What you work for.

What you pursue with earnest effort.

Of course, not all of us start from the same place.

Some of us have tougher circumstances than others.

Somebody has it better.

Somebody has it worse.

That’s life.

All any of us can do is what we can with what we have.

That’s all any of us can control.

What we do.

It’s the “doing” that’s important.

It might not be easy.

It might not be quick.

It might not be fair.

It might never yield the results for which you long.

It’s all you can do.

You’ve got this.


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